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Cyber Liability Insurance

There are a variety of terms for Cyber Liability including: Privacy Liability, Security & Privacy liability, Data Breach, Network Security, and Cyber Security Insurance just to name a few. Data breach is the main factor in all of these. Data protection has become more important than ever and every business or municipality no matter how small or big is subject to threats. The costs to recover from a data breach or even worse a complete lockout malware attack can shut down businesses for good. 

The chances are very likely that your business will be attacked at some point. 


  • 40% of the data breach cases are from people making mistakes, such as losing laptops and flash drives.
  • 36% are system glitches, such as software updates, which inadvertently expose sensitive private files.
  • 24% are malicious and criminal attacks.

What could you be responsible for in the event of an attack?  

Claims for failure to protect information, expense of legally required notifications and credit monitoring to those whose information is exposed, forensic expense to find out and resolve what happened, public relations expense to maintain business reputation, regulatory and payment card industry fines and hacker extortion demands. The list is expansive and will cost more the more records you have. 

*Not all companies will qualify for an indication quote, additional information may be needed to bind. 

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Cyber liability coverage is available for: accountants, advertising firms, architects, artisan contractors, auto repair shops, beauty, barber and nail salons, bolwing lanes, catering services, cemeterys, consultants, convenience stores, day care centers, day spas, e-commerce stores, engineers, fast food restaurants, fitness centers, furniture rental companies, hotels, motels, insurance agencies, interior decorators, landscapers, libraries, maintenance companies, manufacturers, non-profit entities, plumbers, printers, publishers, property managers, real estate agents, rental car companies, retail and wholesale stores, distributors, supermarkets, transportation services, trucking firms, travel agencies, vet clinics and many more. 

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